عدن اوبزيرفر
عدن اوبزيرفر

Cedar International Fund: Beirut Explosion Call for Action

أغسطس 15, 2020 عدد المشاهدات 204 عدد التعليقات 0
Cedar International Fund: Beirut Explosion Call for Action

"It doesn't take much to give a little"

The Cedar International Fund (CIF) is an initiative launched by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) aiming at assisting the most vulnerable communities affected by the August 4th Beirut Explosion in order to respond to their imminent needs.

It targets Lebanese co-patriots and expats, regional and international partner organizations, as well as affiliates and friends around the world to provide emergency assistance (food, shelter, medication, etc.) to people whose livelihoods are shattered due to this incident.

The CIF initiative will be implemented in collaboration with a group of local active organizations to ensure immediate and necessary humanitarian aid to those striving to recover and regain control of their lives.

Your steadfast commitment at these very difficult moments is crucial in helping thousands of families whose survival is at stake

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